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Efficient and flexible design

At Pie Five Pizza the design of our locations is as cool as our pizza concept. Our contemporary restaurant design creates the perfect atmosphere for our locations in both urban and suburban areas.

We believe that the overall configuration of each concept results in simplified operations, lower training and labor costs, increased efficiency, and improved consistency and quality of our food products. Our restaurants may be configured to adapt to a variety of building shapes and sizes, offering the flexibility necessary for our concepts to be operated at any number of otherwise suitable locations.

Our concept works in a multitude of designs and locations. Our best performing restaurants can be found in upscale urban renewal settings with high traffic patterns for both lunch and dinner occasions.

  • Flexible platform
  • Approximately 2,100 square feet
  • 70-85 seats
  • Clean, simple, warm, and natural
  • Modern, contemporary, and stylish
  • Simple layout
  • Architectural support

Take a look at the photos in our brochure to see for yourself how cool our design options are.


The industry has recognized our hard work, earning us the fastest growing, leading position in our category. What makes Pie Five Pizza franchisees so successful isn’t just our amazing pies. It’s also our proven business approach. Read for yourself what some of the top restaurant operators have to say about Pie Five Pizza.