Q:  What is the “Circle of Crust” rewards program?

A:  The “Circle of Crust” rewards program is a Guest appreciation program that rewards our frequent guests with cool benefits just for visiting Pie Five!  You’ll  earn points towards free pizza rewards and be the first to hear about new products and special offers.  You’ll also receive a FREE pizza or large salad for your HALF birthday.


Q:  How do I earn points?

A:  You’ll receive 10 points for signing up online or registering a Circle of Crust card that you received at a Pie Five location – that’s halfway to a free pizza!  You’ll also receive 2 points for every regularly priced pizza or large salad purchased.  (Sorry, discounted items are not eligible to earn points.)


Q:  How many points do I need to redeem a reward for a  free pizza or large salad?

A:  When you accrue 20 points, you’ll receive a reward for a free pizza or large salad.  Circle of Crust reward points earned from transactions do not expire.  Your free HALF-birthday pizza will expire 30 days after issue.


Q:  Do I need to keep track of my points or keep my receipts?

A:  Every time you visit a Pie Five and use your Circle of Crust account, you’ll receive a Circle of Crust receipt in addition to your transaction receipt.  The Circle of Crust account will let you know how many points were earned on that visit as well as your total points balance and any rewards that you have available.   You can also log into your account and check your point balance anytime by logging into your account.  If you don’t see your points on your account, please contact p5marketing@piefivepizza.com.


Q: I forgot to give my Circle of Crust information to the cashier.  Can I add my points?

A:   If you forget, don’t worry!  Please send a snapshot of your receipt and your Circle of Crust account number to p5marketing@piefivepizza.com.  We’ll be happy to add a one-time credit for purchases made within the previous 14 days.



Q:  Where can I get a Circle of Crust Card?

A:   Circle of Crust cards are available at any Pie Five location, but if you signed up online or through text, you don’t have to have a card – just give your phone number to the cashier!


Q: Why am I receiving error messages when I complete the registration form?

A:  If you are receiving error messages it might be because the user name already exists.  Also make sure all required fields are completed.  If you need additional help, please contact p5marketing@piefivepizza.com.


Q:  Can I link another card to my account?

A:  Yes.  You can add a card to your account by logging into your account and clicking on the + in the Summary of Accounts section.


Q:  What if I want to register but I don’t have an email address?

A: Click on one of the links to create a free gmail or Yahoo email account.


 Q:  Why can’t I register with the same email address I share with someone who already registered?

A:  An email address can only be assigned to one (1) Circle of Crust account.

Q:  I have a card; why am I not able to redeem my reward?

A:  Make sure you have registered your card.   You can only redeem your rewards if you are a registered member.


Q:  Why do I have to give you my phone number?

A:  If you forget or don’t have a Circle of Crust card, we can look up your account information by your phone number.  (Don’t worry – we won’t call you and we’ll only text you if you opt in to receive text messages from us.)

Q:  Why do you give me a FREE pie on my HALF birthday instead of my birthday?

A:   We like to be different, so we celebrate your HALF birthday instead of your birthday.  We’ll automatically load a free HALF birthday pizza reward on your account at the beginning of your half birthday month.  Your half birthday free pizza reward is valid for 30 days from issue.   To be eligible for the half-birthday free pizza, you must have a registered Circle of Crust account 7 days prior to your half birthday month.   (Can’t figure out when your half birthday is?  Click here.)

Q:  Will you sell my information?

A:  No.  This is private information that will only be used for the Circle of Crust reward program and will not be sold to anyone.


 Q:  Can I cancel my membership?

A:  You can opt out of the promotional emails by logging into your account here and select  “Edit Account Information” or you can send an email to p5marketing@piefivepizza.com and let us know you want to cancel your membership.


Q: Other questions?

A:  If you have any other questions regarding the Circle of Crust program please email us at p5marketing@piefivepizza.com .  All emails will be returned during business hours from 8am -5pm CT.