We only know how to make one kind of pizza here – yours. And we make it from scratch, with fresh ingredients. This is your personal pizza kitchen where your every pizza whim is our command. Start with our freshly-rolled artisan thin dough or our handcrafted pan crust (all made with love). Or, if you want to see just how good, good can be, try our  traditional italian or gluten-free crust.

Now, dive into the pantry of sauces, cheeses and toppings. Go ahead, get crazy. You can choose one of our signature recipes, or create your own pizza perfection. We won’t judge. Then, watch it bake in our crazy fast pizza oven in just over two minutes. Because we don’t think you should have to wait any longer to bite into your hot, cheesy creation of culinary creativity.

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Our Pie

Our pizza gods created a few ingenious recipes you might not have thought of on your own because, well, that’s what we do! As always, feel free to swap out any of the ingredients and remember…every Pie Five pizza is the same price.

Your Pie

Always thought nobody could create a better pizza than you? Pie Five is your kind of place! We’ve got more than 28 fresh toppings, 7 savory sauces and 4 made-from-scratch crusts. Try mixing sauces…ranch & marinara?!?! Yes, please. Spicy & tuscan marinara (for the weak who can’t take the sriracha heat!)

Not Pie

Pizzas aren’t the only thing we’re good at making. You won’t believe the super amazing handcrafted salads! We’ll get you started with a bed of fresh, crisp romaine lettuce, then top it off with any combination of ingredients you choose. Or choose from one of our signature salads that will rock your world (if you’re into salads, that is) We’ll make any salad you like before your very eyes while your perfect pizza is rolling through the oven, calling your name.

try a signature salad or create your own




Kid’s Bundle



Got a sweet tooth? Yeah, most of the pizza revolutionaries we know have one. Or two. No worries, we’ve got you covered with some of the most delicious, indulgent cookie pies (part cookie, part pie) and brownies you’ve ever tasted. Seriously, they’re goooooood.

*Gluten-free crust is an additional charge. Please note that Pie Five is not a Gluten-Free establishment due to the use of flour and other ingredients, so cross-contamination may occur.
**Pie Five locations in Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. do not carry the 100% whole milk mozzarella and carry our mozzarella & provolone blend.
Vegan cheese is an additional charge. Go deliciously dairy-free with Daiya.
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