The limited beer selection at Pie Five Pizza Co.’s Westport location “left a lot to be desired.” It wasn’t uncommon to have a full parking lot on the weekends and then witness a patron head over to a competitor for some libations with their meal, Kevin Goebel said.

“We didn’t have anything from a beverage perspective that would bring you off the street, and especially in a neighborhood like Westport where there is such a unique desire for a bit more of a craft product, we thought why are we just selling Bud Light?” Goebel said, a co-owner of family-owned franchisee group KC Pie LLC, which has 11 Pie Five restaurants in the Kansas City area.

So the franchisee group decided to up its game in Westport by launching a co-brand called Goebel’s Craft Bottles, which features more than 170 local, regional and import beer labels. (The restaurant previously served six different beers.) It’s only fitting that Goebel devised the idea with his brother and father during a round of golf while sipping a dunkel.

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