Pizza boxes offer up prime marketing space for operators—but are you using yours to its full potential?

When operators don’t bother making a statement with their boxes (other than “Pizza”), they miss out on a bevy of potential benefits that a smartly designed box can provide: connecting customers with the brand, boosting social media engagement, promoting return visits, and offering a point of differentiation for the pizzeria.

The big brands, unsurprisingly, have tapped into this tool. A Domino’s box presents a feast for the eyes—fun stats and facts, subtle advertising and games all jostle for space in a dynamic, visually appealing design. Papa John’s uses its box to drive customers to its website and tell the story of its “better ingredients.” Pizza Hut’s boxes have solicited charitable contributions to help end world hunger, or promoted online ordering and its rewards program.

How are your boxes serving you? If they’re little more than a cardboard vehicle for your pizzas, look no further than these expert-approved five ways you can boost their appeal—and your bottom line.

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