Billed as the country’s most convenient fast casual pizza brand, Pie Five Pizza is making things simpler for its customers.

Renowned for its handcrafted pizzas made with fresh ingredients in five minutes or less, Pie Five Pizza has partnered with Olo to offer guests an innovative online ordering experience to, ultimately, expand its brand loyalty.

Seamlessly integrated with Olo’s Dispatch delivery service platform and Pie Five’s Circle of Crust loyalty program, guests can earn points for their purchases while enjoying the ease and convenience of ordering through the Pie Five website or the new Pie Five app.

What’s more, online ordering is another way that Pie Five continues to meet consumer demands for instant gratification and overall convenience. With just a few clicks, guests can place an order for their favorite pizzas, salads, and sides and have them set for pickup or delivered from their nearest Pie Five restaurant.

Online ordering is currently available at all company-owned restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Atlanta, and franchised markets in North Carolina and Kansas City. A full nationwide rollout is expected in early 2017.

Wendy Moats, senior vice president, operations, Pie Five Pizza, talked to Loyalty360 about the company’s goals regarding its new online ordering platform and new mobile app.

“We wanted to offer our guests an innovative online ordering experience unlike anything out there right now in the fast casual pizza industry,” Moats said.

Customer experience at Pie Five Pizza is paramount.

“At Pie Five, we understand the customer experience is fluid and ever changing,” Moats explained. “From the very beginning, we knew convenience was an important part of the customer experience, whether it was a speedy cook time or access to fresh ingredients. Taking that core concept to heart, we wanted to create a more seamless and convenient ordering experience for our customers. The CX initiatives not only serve this mission but further exemplify Pie Five’s commitment to providing its customers with the best customer experience out there.”

To Pie Five Pizza, customer loyalty is delivering a delicious and consistent product to its customers by exceeding their expectations every time.

“Our Circle of Crust program has accomplished this by offering guests exciting freebies and exclusive promotions,” Moats added. “We’re certain that as long as we continue to deliver the best all-around service, our customers will continue to come back time after time. While our customers’ needs and wants certainly evolve, the premise of delivering them the best experience will always remain.”

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