Five years ago, you had to hail a taxi to find a ride, rent a DVD to watch a movie, and drive to the supermarket if you needed groceries. These days, when consumers want everything on demand, you can download an app for chauffer service, push a button to stream a television series, and order several bags of groceries with delivery in just two minutes. This on demand culture has certainly spurred some amazing innovation, but five years ago, there was one big problem: pizza. That’s right – five years ago, pizza could take up to 20 minutes to cook and families had to compromise on the amount and selection of toppings. With cardboard delivery with limited toppings, just how could Americans find time to enjoy their favorite food while satisfying their need for immediate gratification and desire for personalization?

That’s where Pie Five Pizza Co. came in, a pizzeria like no other where artisan, hand-crafted pizzas are prepared in five minutes or less from a selection of almost 40 fresh toppings, seven savory sauces and four made-from-scratch crusts. It was clear that consumers would never lose their love for pizza, however the pizza industry needed to evolve to reflect the consumer’s need for speed while still delivering a high-quality product. Recognizing this, Pie Five Pizza Co. made its mission to transform the pizza industry by creating a fully customizable pizza experience while delivering on speed and with a fresh variety of ingredients.

Like most companies, Pie Five’s success starts from humble beginnings, marked by periods of growth and learning. Welcome to the world of fast casual pizza, where waiting 20 minutes to indulge in a delicious bubbly pie is a thing of the past.

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