These are the top 25 pizza franchises to keep an eye out for in 2017.

This year has seen tumult and divisiveness throughout the country, as an historic election brought to light the differences that threaten to pull us apart. However, there was still one thing we could all agree on in 2016—and that’s pizza.

The state of the pizza industry remains strong, and it’s poised for even more growth as the calendar turns toward 2017. Darren Tristano, President of food industry research group Technomic, has been watching the pizza segment closely, and he believes steady growth will be on the menu for next year.
“Pizza has been performing well over the recent years. As a mature segment of the industry, pizza remains a staple for American consumers and should continue to grow sales in the range of 4 to 5 percent,” said Tristano.

This growth isn’t limited to only the bigger chains dominating the industry. In fact, s a new wave of fast-casual franchise options has added to the lucrative investment options available in the pizza space.

“Pizza remains a very familiar food to consumers. Trends in better quality, healthier ingredients, and specialty, customizable pizza provides ample opportunity to leverage existing trends to build profitable restaurant opportunities,” said Tristano. “The ability to create a low cost product with smaller overhead costs is a very strong investment proposition.”

Here are 25 pizza brands that should be on your radar heading into 2017:

Pie Five
With locations throughout the Southeast and Midwest, and more franchise growth planned for the next year, the five minute gourmet pizza concept founded in 2011 is primed for growth in a crowded category. Despite the competition, however, Pie Five’s focus on dough (including their “crust university”) has the attention of consumers and investors alike.

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