Get A Slice Of Millennial Marketing Secrets From Pie Five’s CEO

It’s no secret that a healthy piece of the fast casual industry’s growth is related to the preferences millennials have shown toward this category. Where we once believed that the restaurant thought leaders were those in fine dining, more and more of today’s food trends and innovation are starting in the fast casual space. New […]

WDKY (FOX) – Lexington, KY Fox 56 Morning Edition

WDKY 04/19/2016 07:44:28 AM: …national ‘high five day’ this thursday with a great deal for a good cause. all day, pie five will be selling pizzas for just five dollars with proceeds going to u-k’s dance-blue. here to tell us about the fundraising event… and how you can help is franchise owner, mark mehrizi. pie […]

Pie Five Pizza warming up Hawkeye State with at least 5 stores

Pie Five Pizza plans to open at least five locations in the Des Moines, Iowa-area, according to a company press release. Iowa’s first Pie Five location will open in mid‑May across from the Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny, north of Des Moines. A second location will soon be under construction in the Des […]

From Burgers To Pizza

Peter Ballantine has more than two decades of restaurant business experience. He is set to open as many as 34 Pie Five locations throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.